So You've Bought a Garden Shed … Now What?


Congratulations, you’re the proud owner of a quality wooden shed. Once you’ve taken delivery of the shed kit, you’ve got two options:

  • A DIY self-build
  • Installation by tradespeople

Putting up a new shed is a great opportunity to get some friends and family round for a quick install, followed by the obligatory ‘shed-warming’ party or BBQ. You’ll be done in no time. But if that’s not an option for you, The Wooden Shed Company offer a no-worries installation service in the Canterbury region, or you could get your local handyman builder to put it together for you. Normally our sheds take 2-3 hours to construct.


OK, now the shed is up—you can start thinking about how you’ll use it! We’ve seen some awesome wooden sheds in NZ; they’re perfect for any hobby, activity or storage requirement. Here are some of our favourite reasons for owning a garden shed in NZ:

Art space/Studio

Our sleepout/office sheds make equally good studios for art or craft projects. A large sliding door gives you easy access and provides a good source of ambient light. A dedicated shed for your projects allows you to free up space in the house and best of all; you don’t have to keep it as tidy if you don’t feel like it!

Pool Shed

Need a little poolside space where you can slip into your togs? Or maybe you need somewhere to house the pump equipment and the pool cleaning gear? A mono-pitch custom wooden shed can have multiple uses next to your pool.


A larger wooden shed is ideal for a workshop – perhaps you’re restoring an old motorbike or need a space to start your woodworking project. Being a wooden shed, you can easily attach work benches, hanging hooks and shelving to make the space more practical. You could even run power to the shed for lighting and power tools.

Whether it's for storing firewood, garden implements or even a horse shelter, wooden sheds are economical, easy to install and look great on the property. Treated timber means you don’t have to paint them, and they’ll age gracefully, unlike your average tin shed.

Secret Man/Woman Shed or Bar

Sometimes you just need your own space—the kids have taken over the living room, the cat is sleeping in your chair, and you want a bit of quiet time away from it all. Or maybe you’re looking for that special party ‘destination’ in your backyard, where friends can meet over a few drinks? Call it the man-cave, the girls-only hangout or the garden bar—a dedicated space just for you is easy to achieve and lots of fun.

So, what will you do with your shed? Think of any extra features you would like to have, including mains power, interior insulation, and lining (if it’s an office or sleepout), perhaps a mini veranda or a patio out in front?

When its all done, your new wooden garden shed will offer convenience and a dependable shelter for years to come.

Get one step closer to owning a wooden shed and call us at 027 441 4010, or email us at To inquire or request a quote in person, our address is 875 German Road, Starvation Hill 7495, New Zealand.


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