Frequently Asked Questions about Wooden Sheds

Looking for answers about our wooden sheds? Here are frequently asked questions from our customers. If you don’t find the answer you need, please email us at:


Do floors come with the sheds?
No, as clients have all different needs we sell these separately. We make two general types, 19mm Plank from $499 and 19mm Plywood from $699.

How long does the install take?
Allow 3 hours for the average person, 2 hours if you can swing a hammer.

How much does Install cost?
We can install on your property if in Canterbury area, please request a price here.

How much is local delivery?
Local delivery is $299 in Christchurch area. Please ask us for a price outside of Christchurch city limits.

What is included in each Wooden Shed Kit Set?
Shed panels, Coloursteel Roofing iron, Hinges, screws for hinges and roof, nails, battens. Extras include flashing kits, windows, and clearlite, please enquire regarding these.

What information is needed to order a custom shed?
Simply fill out the form here, all the information we need is there.

What are the benefits of a custom shed?
If you have a certain space to work with or existing concrete pad, a custom shed is for you.

How to install a wooden shed (basic installation process)?
Sheds are pre made into panels (4), nail these together, screw roof on and add hinges and locks - done! We have a basic instructional video available. Read here about installation.

How does the order and shipping process work?
If you provide me with your nearest main centre I can get you a quote for shipping. Send us an email via:

How long does it take before your wooden shed order arrives?
Currently the lead time from when you pay your deposit is approximately 8 weeks.

Why should I choose The Wooden Shed Company?
Our sheds are 100% New Zealand made, local timber, well built, extremely well priced. Built by a small team in the great community of Oxford, North Canterbury.


To order custom sheds, fill out the form here.

For more information about our wooden sheds, email us at: