Frequently Asked Questions about Wooden Sheds

Looking for answers about our wooden sheds? Here are frequently asked questions from our customers. If you don’t find the answer you need, please email us at:


1. General

Do you offer custom sheds?

Yes, we offer custom sheds. If you have an existing concrete pad, are limited by space, or just want to make it your own, we offer custom options to fit your vision.

How can I customise my shed?

If you’re looking for a custom shed, just fill out our form. Popular customisations include different orientations of windows & doors and weather wrapping for moisture protection.

Why should I choose The Wooden Shed Company?

Our sheds are 100% New Zealand made using local timber. They’re affordable and well built by a small team in the great community of Oxford, North Canterbury.


2. Shipping

How much is shipping?

Local delivery in Christchurch is $299, but we do offer shipping across all of NZ. Please request a price if located outside of Christchurch city limits.

How does the order and shipping process work?

Please send us an email ( with your nearest main centre and we’ll get back to you with a quote.

How long does it take for your wooden shed order to arrive?

The lead time is approximately 8 weeks from the time you pay your deposit.


3. Building & Materials

Do you offer shed installation?

We offer installation services in the Canterbury area. Please contact us to request a quote for installation.

What is included in each Wooden Shed Kit Set?

Each wooden shed kit contains 4 shed panels, COLORSTEEL® Roofing Iron, Hinges, screws for hinges and roof, nails for the panels, battens for roof structure. Extras include flashing kits, windows, and clearlite, please send us a message if you want to add these to your order.

Can I change the roof colour?

Yes, you can choose from any of the nearly 25 colours in the COLORSTEEL® catalogue, including their Matte and Standard Range.

How do I install my wooden shed?

Our sheds are pre-built into panels (4), which makes installation quick and easy. Simply nail the panels together, screw the roof on, and add hinges & locks for the doors. See our installation guide (video included) for more information.

How long will it take to build my shed?

If you’re installing the shed yourself, it takes about 3 hours on average, 2 hours if you are an experienced craftsman. 

What kind of wood is used to build the shed?

Depending on the type of shed, we use Treated Pine, NZ Oregon (NZO), Cedar, and Macrocarpa wood. For flooring, we use plywood or plank flooring. We use Treated Pine for our shed frames and plywood for the shed flooring.

Why Treated Pine?

Treated Pine has a long-term resistance to decay, insects, weather, and other deteriorating factors. The average lifespan of Treated Pine is approximately 15-20 years.

Why NZ Oregon (NZO)?

NZO timber is superior in strength, stability, and durability compared to many other woods. And because of its increased natural resistance to moisture & decay, it can stand up to weather without treatment. The average lifespan of NZO is approximately 10-20 years.

Why Macrocarpa?

Macrocarpa is ideal for cladding because it’s borer-resistant, hardens when dry, and is receptive to wood oils. The average lifespan of Macrocarpa is approximately 15-25 years.

Why Plywood?

For flooring, plywood has increased stability and is resistant to high impact and chemicals, making it the perfect choice for your shed. The average lifespan of plywood is approximately 30-40 years. 

How thick should wood be for a shed?

½  inch thick wood for shed walls is recommended.

Does a shed need to be off the ground?

Yes, it is recommended that your shed is at least 4 inches above the ground to allow air circulation. This also keeps your floors as dry as possible. Mount your shed in an area away from fences and other structures so that there is enough space around your shed.

Do the sheds come with floors? 

No. As clients all have different needs, we sell these separately. We make two general types – 19mm Plank from $499 and 19mm Plywood from $699.


4. Purpose

What is the purpose of a shed?

Garden sheds are used for keeping home and garden tools, equipment, and supplies. Additionally, sheds can be used as a home office, DIY workshop, and for extra storage. And if you have items you’d prefer not to store indoors such as petrol or gardening materials, sheds are a great place to store them. 

Why do you need a garden shed?

A garden shed is useful to free up space in your home, garden, and garage and keep your tools, lawn tractors, and other items organised all year long.


5. Maintenance

Do wooden sheds rot? And how to prevent them.

Yes, naturally, wood material can rot as it is exposed to outdoor elements. However, this can be prevented. One way to counter this is to opt for pressure-treated lumber when building your shed. It is also important to keep your wooden shed clean, tidy and painted regularly. On average, a wooden shed can last for 20 to 25 years with proper care and maintenance.

Is a wooden shed waterproof?

No, but there are ways to make it waterproof. For one, you should install a base that is above the ground to allow proper air circulation. Pick a good location for your shed. Install a drainage system. Keep it away from vegetation. There are also ways to waterproof the walls and roof.

How do you take care of a wooden shed?

Basic care and maintenance involve keeping it clean, tidy, and dry. For more tips, follow our resource page: How to Take Care of your Backyard Wooden Shed

How long do wood sheds last?

A well-maintained shed can last for 20 to 25 years on average.

How can I make my woodshed last longer?

Choose a good type of lumber such as pressure-treated wood because it is rot-resistant. Proper building of a shed and basic care and maintenance will help it last longer. For more information, read: How to Take Care of your Backyard Wooden Shed

Does a woodshed need ventilation?

Ideally, it’s good to have shed ventilation. Mounting it above the ground, and installing vents and roof windows can improve ventilation. Keeping shed doors open also helps.

Do wooden sheds suffer from condensation?

Yes, condensation can happen in wooden sheds. Condensation happens when weather elements such as water and heat get into your shed, causing moisture in the air. A way to prevent this is to keep your shed dry, insulated, well-ventilated, and water or leak-proof.


6. About the Wooden Shed Co Kit Set

Do floors come with the sheds?

No, as clients have all different needs we sell these separately. We make two general types, 19mm Plank from $499 and 19mm Plywood from $699.

How long does the install take?

Allow 3 hours for the average person, 2 hours if you can swing a hammer.

How much does Install cost?

We can install on your property if in Canterbury area, please request a price here.

How much is local delivery?

Local delivery is $299 in Christchurch area. Please ask us for a price outside of Christchurch city limits.

What is included in each Wooden Shed Kit Set?

Shed panels, Coloursteel Roofing iron, Hinges, screws for hinges and roof, nails, battens. Extras include flashing kits, windows, and clearlite, please enquire regarding these.

What information is needed to order a custom shed?

Simply fill out the form here, all the information we need is there.

What are the benefits of a custom shed?

If you have a certain space to work with or existing concrete pad, a custom shed is for you.

How to install a wooden shed (basic installation process)?

Sheds are pre made into panels (4), nail these together, screw roof on and add hinges and locks - done! We have a basic instructional video available. Read here about installation.

How does the order and shipping process work?

If you provide me with your nearest main centre I can get you a quote for shipping. Send us an email via:

How long does it take before your wooden shed order arrives?

Currently the lead time from when you pay your deposit is approximately 8 weeks.

Why should I choose The Wooden Shed Company?

Our sheds are 100% New Zealand made, local timber, well built, extremely well priced. Built by a small team in the great community of Oxford, North Canterbury.

How to Order?

To order custom sheds, fill out the form here.

For more information about our wooden sheds, email us at: