10 Ways Portable Buildings Can Help You Improve Your Business

Office space can often be a pinch point for businesses. Problems can include:

  • Not enough office space
  • Lack of storage
  • Inflexible layouts

Whether its a garden office shed or a prefab office—portable buildings are a flexible, low-cost solution that can combat many of these common issues. Here are 10 ways in which portable office buildings can improve your business.

                                                      Office garden shed

1. A Shelter for Customers

For small businesses offering roadside sales, an attractive wooden kiosk for customers to shelter in while they browse your merchandise will encourage them to stay longer and purchase more goods.

2. Protect Your Products & Materials

Protecting your products or raw materials from the elements will ensure you have less wastage and a better profit margin. It's also much more pleasant to work undercover on a rainy day!

3. Put it Where You Want it

The beauty of having an independent space like an outdoor office shed is you can put it wherever you want it. Instead of having to adapt your work processes to suit your existing office space, you can position your portable office shed where it works most efficiently for your business.

4. Transportable

A small backyard office is easily transportable—you can relocate it using a hiab or a forklift. For maximum flexibility, you can even build your portable home office onto a trailer.

5. Adaptable/customisable

Another undeniable benefit of portable office buildings is the ability to adapt and modify the building according to your needs. A custom portable building means you can position doors and windows where you like them.

6. No Permits

Office spaces under 10 square metres do not require a council permit (although you should always confirm this with your local council before proceeding with an installation). This is a huge saving in time and administrative fees and means you can have a new office space up and running with minimal delay.

7. Extra storage

Sometimes you don’t require more office space, you just need extra storage space. A home office garden shed is ideal for storing the overflow, including office furniture, filing systems and product samples.

8. Dedicated Space

Offices can get cluttered and home offices, in particular, have distractions that stop you doing your best work. A portable building makes a great dedicated space where you can focus on your business, then lock it up and leave at the end of your business day.

9. Security

Office and garden sheds offer more security for your business assets—you can lock things safely away and keep products and materials out of public view.

10. A Low-Cost Office

Portable structures like a garden or backyard office are cost-effective to install, saving you the cost of leasing a property or having to renovate your main office space. The Wooden Shed Company create custom portable buildings and sheds that are sturdy and built to last. Contact them today to discuss your office and storage needs and get a free, no-obligation quote.

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