5 Facts About Garden Sheds That Will Impress Your Friends


There's no better place to grow a garden than in New Zealand. With its perfect climate condition and soil conditions grow your greens, you can even build a garden in the comfort of your own home here.

Whether you want a simple or elaborate garden, one thing remains true - there’s is a perfect wooden garden shed for everyone with a green thumb. And what better way to start your very own home garden than investing in a wooden garden shed? Not only does it organise your garden tools, but it’s also a great crowd-pleaser! Here are 5 reasons why garden sheds will impress your friends:

1. Sheds make room for the whole gang

One surprising benefit of having a garden shed is that it serves as a perfect hideaway for a little quiet time alone or a chill afternoon hangout with your friends. Some even use their garden sheds to store alcohol, junk food, and other party favours.

2. Sheds gave birth to a lot of popular companies

Did you know that some of the greatest companies in the world were in a simple shed? The likes of Walt Disney, Apple, Hewlett Packard, and Ikea are big names who were born out of an outdoor shed.

What does this tell us? If your workspace is a little cramped - you’re on the right track. Let’s turn your wooden garden shed into a safe working space for humble beginnings yet skyrocketing ideas!

3. Sheds inspire talent and creativity

In relation to the previous idea above, wooden sheds are the ultimate starters for unleashing your creative juices. Most artists and thought leaders we look up to today have their own wooden sheds where life-changing ideas are born. We can’t blame them though, wooden garden sheds give us a sense of peace, a safe space for creativity, and loads of positive energy.

4. Sheds help with tool and garden organisation

Gardens take a lot of work to bear fruit (and vegetables). Though they can’t help your plants magically grow, they help store your tools to make your gardening as easy as possible.

And even if you give up gardening, one thing is for sure – wooden sheds never run out of style.

5. Sheds maintain mental health and self-care

By now, you probably have an idea about the countless ways you can use and enjoy a wooden garden shed at home. But most importantly, outdoor sheds are integral in improving one’s mental health. Garden sheds provide peaceful rest and a calm mind after a long, tiring day. For some, spending time in their little sheds is a form of self-care.

At The Wooden Shed Company, we are committed to providing you with a personal space you can share with friends and family. It’s one thing to impress others, but a shed is really a gift you give yourself.

We offer a variety of backyard or garden shed designs to build your home office, garden storage, or outdoor shed. We can also customise based on your unique space requirements.


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