Gift Ideas for the Shed-Lovers

Looking for that special gift to give to the ‘sheddie’ in your life? As we know, wooden garden sheds serve many purposes beyond just outdoor storage or potting plants. We’ve seen wooden sheds in NZ used as art studios, workshops, man-caves, sports sheds, swimming pool huts and more.

We’ve put together a list of ‘themed’ gift and accessory suggestions for you here at the Wooden Shed Company, to help you come up with the perfect present.

Crafty Gift Ideas

If your wooden shed is primarily a space for art projects like painting or sculpture - its important to create an environment that encourages creativity. Consider a gift like a corkboard or a whiteboard, that you can wall mount in the studio. This way, your resident artist can pin up sketches and inspirational images. Good lighting is important too, so an adjustable angle-poise lamp is another gift option. For crafts and hobbies – you can never have too many tools – like clamps, chisels, scissors and other hand tools.

The Ultimate Workshop

A wooden garden shed makes a great workshop because you can easily add shelves, hooks and supports for storing tools and items like screws and nails. There are obvious gift ideas like power tools or safety gear but how about something less obvious like an adjustable height workbench? Or a GoPro camera for capturing a time-lapse video of the project as it comes together.

Man Cave Fitout

Equally useful for women – the man cave is really just a place to escape and relax, and who doesn’t need that from time to time? A man cave without is where gifts really come into their own – whether it be a vintage style radio or a secret cocktail cabinet. These spaces are all about comfort, so consider lining and insulating your wooden shed first, before you decorate it with comfy chairs and footrests.

Sporty Gifts

We can build custom sheds to just about any size. Maybe you need an over-height shed to store your boat? Sports sheds are perfect for families with a lot of kits like bikes, surfboards and gym equipment.

Often there is a lot of value tied up in these items, so a wireless alarm unit could be the ideal gift in this case. Specialist bike hangers are another great gift idea, as they maximise the space in the shed. You just need to add a wooden cross brace to the wall where you want to mount the bike hanger.

Poolside Presents

A mono pitch wooden shed makes a nice addition to a swimming pool – perfect for storing pool equipment, and you can even use it as a changing shed. Consider adding a sunshade to the front of your hut to increase the shady areas, or perhaps a large, lockable chest for storing pool equipment and chemicals.

Sheds are more than just storage – they provide secondary activity spaces that add value to your property and your life. If you have a custom shed project you’d like to discuss with us – please get in touch.

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