Unleash the Potential: Outdoor Entertaining in Your Shed


The Kiwi backyard is an extension of the home, a place for relaxation, barbecues with mates, and creating lasting memories. But what if unpredictable weather throws a spanner in the works? 

Don't despair! Your trusty shed can be transformed into a haven for outdoor entertaining, come rain or shine.

Here at The Wooden Shed Company, we specialise in crafting high-quality sheds that can be adapted to suit your needs. 

Whether you dream of a rustic BBQ haven, a cosy movie night retreat, or a versatile space for all kinds of gatherings, we can help you turn your vision into reality.

  • Grilling Central:  Install a permanent grill or smoker for year-round barbeque bliss. Add prep space and storage for utensils, condiments, and your favourite marinades.

  • Seating for the Crew:  Built-in benches or a large table provide ample seating for friends and family. Consider weatherproof ottomans or foldable chairs for extra flexibility.

  • Festive Touches:  String fairy lights overhead for a warm ambience. Add colourful bunting or plants for a touch of personality.

Shed Movie Night Magic:

  • Projector Power:  Invest in a projector and screen to transform your shed into a private cinema.

  • Comfy Seating:  Floor cushions, beanbags, or a plush sofa create a relaxed atmosphere.

  • Sound System Sensations:  Surround yourself with sound by installing speakers or using a portable sound system.

  • Snack Station Savvy:  Set up a snack bar with shelves for popcorn, sweets, and drinks.

A Multi-Purpose Shed for All Seasons

  • The Great Indoors, Outdoors:  Install bi-folding doors or French windows to create a seamless flow between the shed and your garden.

  • Climate Control:  Consider adding insulation and heating/cooling options for year-round comfort.

  • Game On!:  Dedicate a corner for board games, darts, or a pool table for some friendly competition.

  • The Craft Corner:  Set up a dedicated space for arts and crafts projects, complete with storage for supplies.

DIY Shed Makeover: Top Tips

Feeling inspired to create your entertaining haven? Here are some handy tips to get you started:

  • Planning is Key:  Measure your shed's space and create a layout that incorporates your desired features and furniture.

  • Light it Up:  Ensure proper lighting with overhead fixtures and strategically placed lamps.

  • Weatherproofing Wonders:  Seal walls and treat wood to protect your shed from the elements.

  • Power Up:  Install additional electrical outlets to accommodate appliances, lighting, and entertainment systems.

  • Safety First:  Ensure there are adequate fire extinguishers and smoke detectors in place.

📌 Remember: Safety is paramount. Always consult with a qualified electrician or builder for any complex electrical or structural work.

See more resources for shed upgrades and DIY projects.

Shed Party Ideas: Let the Fun Begin!

Once your entertaining haven is complete, it's time to get creative with themes and activities!

  • Themed BBQ Extravaganza: Transport your guests to the American Deep South with a low and slow BBQ or take them on a trip to Mexico with sizzling fajitas and margaritas.

  • Games Galore: Host a game night tournament with classic board games or get active with giant Jenga or Twister.

  • Movie Marathon Mania: Plan a themed movie marathon with movie-themed snacks and costumes.

  • Karaoke Kings and Queens: Belt out your favourite tunes with a portable karaoke system – guaranteed laughter and fun!


The Wooden Shed Company: Building Your Entertainment Dreams

At The Wooden Shed Company, we are passionate about creating high-quality sheds that enhance your lifestyle. 

We offer a wide range of shed sizes and styles to suit your needs, along with customisation options to bring your vision to life.

Whether you crave a rustic BBQ retreat or a sleek entertainment haven, our team of experts will guide you through the process, from initial design to final construction.

Ready to unlock the potential of your backyard entertaining?

Request a FREE quote or enquire about our sheds today!

We look forward to helping you create lasting memories in your very own entertaining haven.


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