What Are Mono Pitch Sheds? Features and Usage

What is a Mono-pitch Shed?

There are so many shed designs available on our market that you may need help deciding which one to choose. Choosing the right shed design depends on numerous variables. We're here to help you. You may be selecting a shed design to match your unique needs, so allow us to introduce mono-pitch sheds and detail their advantages and disadvantages.

Mono-pitch sheds, also known as lean-to sheds, have been around for quite some time. They have roofs that slope in a single direction. Mono-pitch sheds are designed so that one wall is taller than the other. This generates a slope from the front to the back. They can be built quickly and are ideal for rural usage to shelter tractors, tools, animals, stock, and more.

Usage of Mono-pitch Sheds

  • Agricultural Purposes. Most of these roofs are found in rural areas, where they are used for residential buildings and agricultural purposes. This type of roof provides shelter for people and animals residing within the house or agricultural structure.
  • Patio. It can be utilised to cover a patio or porch outside relatively close to the ground.
  • Extra storage space.  They're ideal for extra storage space or a small workshop on your lifestyle property. Wooden mono-pitch sheds are hassle-free, easy to install, and usually don’t require building consent.


Efficiently drain rainwater and are resistant to weathering

The slope of mono-pitch roofs allows snow or rain to drain easily. This is an essential characteristic for structures constructed in snowy climates as heavy snowfalls can weaken the structure of buildings by adding extra weight to the roof. For instance, if the roofing material is smooth, snow might slide down the slope slowly. Due to their durability from the elements, mono-pitched roofs are a longer-lasting option when constructing a stable structure despite their drab appearance.

Requires low space and fewer materials

In comparison to gable-style sheds, mono-pitch roofs require fewer materials. With fewer materials required comes a lower cost as there is less height at the back, there is only one line of guttering, and no apex ridging. As a result, The shed's installation is frequently quicker and uses less material.

People also choose this style because of how much space it saves. Wooden mono-pitch sheds are perfect for smaller residential or even lifestyle blocks. These small-scale designs don't rely on the structure's shape for strength; thus, they only require a little room.

Energy-efficient and easier to construct

The mono-pitch roof is a particularly straightforward design and simple to build as it has just one flat surface. This means that compared to many other roof types, your contractor can construct this kind of roof significantly quicker. Moreover, it is feasible to install solar panels on a mono-pitched roof due to the weight of the roof structure and the absence of a pitched roof membrane.

A mono-pitch roof has one large flat surface rather than two or more slopes flowing in opposite directions. From an energy-saving perspective, mono-pitch roofs have plenty of room for mounting solar panels. However, it is important to remember to carefully evaluate the position of the house on the site if you're wanting to maximise natural light or put in solar panels.


Not ideal for big projects

Finding the ideal pitch for one's needs can be difficult because a mono-pitch roof design requires one side to be higher than the other. Unfortunately, this means that mono-pitched roofs can only be utilised in some projects. This is because mono-pitched roofs are typically not appropriate for multi-level buildings.

Confined to specific areas only

Wooden mono-pitch sheds are best suited for certain settings, such as ones that are flat and highly populated. This is because they’re more suited for small structures due to the difficulty in acquiring materials when using a mono-pitch shed for larger structures.

Not the most appealing roofing solution in terms of aesthetics.

Despite having a low environmental impact and requiring less maintenance, mono-pitched roofs are only some of the more popular roofing materials currently available. This is because they frequently lack the same aesthetic allure as other types of roofing.

By contrast, some traditional pitched roofs have two or more sloping surfaces that join together at various angles, giving them a more complex appearance. For instance, a mono-pitched roof has one enormous flat surface that gives it a simple appearance. .


Mono-pitch roofs are simple and often the most cost-effective option for those wanting a smaller shed. Its compact design means it can be put almost anywhere. As mentioned, mono-pitch designs are suited for sheds of a smaller size. This is because they become more complex and expensive when used for larger projects.

Choosing a shed design that aligns with your needs can be tricky with all the designs on the market. We hope that after considering all factors, you build the shed that is ideal for you. Ultimately, having a shed is a long-term investment for your space and it is important to choose a roof that will work for you in the long term.

The Wooden Shed Company offers a variety of backyard and garden shed designs to build your ideal all-around shed. If you're thinking of installing or renovating your shed, we're here to answer your questions.


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