10 Quick Tips About Wooden Sheds

“What are the things I need to know about wooden sheds?” “Any tips to offer?” These are basic questions one would think when wooden sheds come to mind.

Considering that we’re living in this era of instant, we all want information in the most concise manner. So without further ado, here are 10 quick tips about wooden sheds.

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1. Price = Quality.

Weigh in the quality offered to you by the best coinciding price. Wood is not a cheap material, but it does not pack too much of a punch in your pocket either. The best thing about this material is that it’s durable, manageable, and can go a long way without looking a year old. A very practical material for sheds. So if you’re up to the market for wooden sheds, invest in affordable ones with unquestionable quality. It’ll be worth every penny.

2. Purpose

Well, you aren’t just putting up a wooden shed for the sake of putting one up right? Or are you? Whatever the reason, you should also consider the purpose you’ll give to that structure, and truth is, there are tons of uses for a wooden shed.

Are you building a wooden shed for a workshop or gardening, where you plan to spend a lot of time in the shed? Or, is it simply for storage? If it's for storage, what kind of storage? Large lawn equipment and hanging tools? Outdoor toys, bikes, or pool equipment? Or extra "attic" type items like clothes and holiday items that are stored in bulky containers? Do you need customizable shelving, hooks, or overhead storage space?

3. Design

  • Upon fully considering the purpose of your wooden shed, designing will come off quite easy and hassle-free. Knowledge of how you are going to use your wooden shed will help determine what size of shed and features will work best. If you're going to spend a lot of time inside, be sure to think about lighting, ventilation, and roof height needs. Many sheds have extra features like windows that open and full-length roof skylights.

For the outside, consider the nearby colours and the visibility of the storage unit in the yard. Consider an attractive colour as well.


Quite an important part of your shed, regardless of what kind or size of shed you build, is your foundation. Your shed must be built on a level surface or it will not assemble properly. We recommend a cement patio, compacted road base, or creating a pad with compacted pea gravel. Be sure to wait and build your foundation until after you've purchased your shed kit. Some manufacturers will include step-by-step instructions on how to build a foundation specifically sized for the shed you purchased. If your shed does not include foundation instructions, be sure to do some research to learn how to properly build a level foundation.

5. Size

Don’t underestimate how quickly your shed contents will build up. So think bigger in terms of space. For general storage, evaluate your current spatial needs and increase it by 25% to accommodate future storage needs.

6. Location

Again, take into consideration that the site is level and flat. And, make sure your shed is not in a low-lying area to prevent water draining into your shed.

7. Accessories

Allow for door openings and free space in front of your shed so it’s easy to get your stuff in and out without hindrance and causing damage.

8. Maintenance

Every now and then you should check your woodshed and look for any wood rot developing inside. Hence, if you find some rotten wood, you have to remove it to prevent any further rotting.

9. Protection

Keep in mind the wood that is inside and keeps it from getting wet and therefore, becoming exposed to pests. You can do so by covering the wood using plastic sheets, which will secure the wood from any water penetration. Remember to also apply plastic sheets underneath the wood logs to prevent contact with soil and to keep away fungi. Coating the wooden shed with paint won’t hurt either.

10. Considerations

Study any local regulations or restrictions. Some areas may have restrictions on height and/or colour of buildings. Also, do you need to submit any architectural forms to your local council or acquire a building permit from your city?

Interested to get the best out of a wooden shed here in New Zealand? Wipe that sweat off your face and fret no more; just visit the shed section for enquiries in thewoodenshedco.co.nz. Here’s an extra tip: if you have the means, don’t pass up the opportunity to run up to the experts.


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