The Many Uses of Timber Sheds

Timber sheds in NZ are a common sight in many backyards, as there are many sheds for sale in NZ; wooden shed kits also make setting up sheds by yourself very easy. While these garden sheds are mostly used as storage sheds to hold tools or unused items, there are actually many uses for NZ garden sheds. As they are multipurpose buildings, one should definitely consider acquiring a shed kit or checking sheds for sale in NZ. Below are 7 examples of the uses of timber sheds in NZ, ranging from typical storage sheds to unique uses such as playhouses and pet kennels.

1. Storage
    First of all, the most common use for NZ timber sheds are as storage units. NZ storage sheds are perfect for holding gardening tools, outdoor equipment, or even unused furniture. The rustic aesthetic of timber sheds allows you to have a quaint location to safely store your unneeded objects, keeping them from taking up precious space in your house while protecting them from the damage of outside elements.

2. Gardening
    Many people love gardening. Unfortunately, maintaining a garden requires plenty of equipment and floor space. Garden sheds in NZ, of course, are the perfect storage areas for gardening tools and equipment, keeping all your gardening needs within easy reach of both your lawn and home. But this isn’t the only use for NZ timber sheds; storage sheds are perfect for keeping planters and potted plants for indoor gardening. Converting your NZ storage shed will not only keep your plants sheltered from the weather but also allow you to keep your house free from any mess. Installing skylights or windows can also let you NZ timber shed double as a greenhouse. Alternatively, buying grow lights will let you transform your garden shed into a flourishing indoor garden.

3. Workspace
    For the artists, woodworkers, and crafters in NZ, a timber shed is the perfect private workspace. As unlikely as it seems, storage sheds can be a wonderful refuge from the disturbances normally in the house. In this secluded space, one can get the silence and concentration they need to work undisturbed, as well as have the freedom to store tools and materials without fear of them getting misplaced or disturbed by others. NZ timber sheds have the added appeal of the rustic aesthetic of wood walls, which can create a soothing environment. It’s also easy to customize the interior; with a fresh coat of paint and the right furniture, and you have a personal woodworking workshop or artist's’ studio in your NZ garden shed.

4. Home Office
    Renting an office space can be expensive, and the daily commute can often get taxing. Luckily, storage sheds can be easily converted into functional, cosy home offices. With the wide range of shed kits and sheds for sale in NZ, it’s simply a matter of selecting the right size and type of shed. Then, all you need is to fix up the interior, add office furniture and decor, and you have a private space where you can work undisturbed. Converting your NZ timber shed to a home office will allow you to easily balance home and work life. While a refuge from distractions and disturbance from your housemates, your storage shed will still be in easy reach of the comforts of home.

5. Gym
    For those who value their fitness, buying exercise equipment and working out in the privacy of their home is preferable to buying a costly gym membership. Unfortunately, exercise equipment tends to take up too much space, and it is difficult to store without it getting in the way of daily life. Backyard timber sheds solve these problems, giving you a place to exercise in private while providing ample space to place gym equipment. Instead of tripping over your weights and piling items on your treadmill, simply turn your NZ garden shed into a private gym. Not only will you have the comfort of working out at home, but your house will be freed of the bulk of your equipment. You’ll be free to sweat it out without inconveniencing your family, as well as freeing up what used to be your exercise room for other functions

6. Playroom
    With a carpet, a few pieces of furniture, and plenty of storage space for toys, wooden sheds in NZ can be easily turned into places for the kids to play in. Gone are the days when you’ll see toys scattered around the house; transforming your storage shed into a playroom will allow kids to do whatever they want without cluttering up the house with their things. A playhouse will give them more freedom with their activities, while at the same time avoiding the risk of them making a mess in the house. Whether it be a small shed from a shed kit bought for sale or a large windowed garden shed, an NZ timber shed can be a fantastic playroom for the kids.

7. Pet Kennel
    Wooden sheds in the NZ weather are good for keeping pets safe from the elements and predators, as well as simply giving them a place to stay. From hamsters and rabbits to chickens and dogs, a NZ storage shed can be a comfortable yet practical place to keep your pets. For rabbit and chicken hutches, even a simple floorless shed from a shed kit will be great- a sawdust floor will make for easier cleaning. For dogs, simply install fencing for pens. Whatever pets you may keep, a timber shed can be easily fitted with adjustments and made a safe home for them.

8. Outdoor toilet
    If you’re the type who often invites guests over for barbecues or reunions, it’s never a bad idea to have an outdoor toilet. When hosting outdoor events, it’s not wise to let people use your indoor bathroom and track mud all over your floors. Also, when you have guests or relatives over, you can avoid waiting in lines for the bathroom to be free again. Converting your NZ garden shed into an outdoor toilet is definitely a wise choice; to go the extra mile, you can also add a sink for washing equipment or simply cleaning up after messy jobs.

As you can see, uses of NZ timber sheds aren’t just limited to gardening or tool storage. Even the simplest storage sheds can have multiple uses if you’re creative enough.

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