How My Garden Shed Made Me a Better Person

Some of you might have read this title and rolled your eyes, thinking ‘its just a garden shed!’ But it’s true—my garden shed has made me a better person.

Ok, confession time, it’s not so much a garden shed, more of a backyard office/storage shed/man cave/garden bar. But it does have some lovely plants around it! So why did I choose to build a backyard office shed? Working from home can sound ideal, but often the lines between home and work become blurred, and it’s easy to lose focus.

I decided to make use of the underutilised space behind my house to build a custom garden office. The guys at the Wooden Shed Co were brilliant, they took my crude designs and dimensions and came back with a custom quote and some great suggestions to improve the design. I made sure to comply with my local council regulations and didn’t require a permit—whew! The kitset was ready to go in no time and delivered right to my driveway.

I’m no builder, but with my modest DIY skills and help from a few mates, we put together the kitset shed over a few weekends. Once the basic shed was built, I finished the interior with insulation and lining to make it cosy and got a sparky in to wire it up safely. The satisfaction of putting together my shed was undeniable, and it makes me smile every time I head out to the backyard. Well, they do say taking on new challenges helps you become a better person!

Running power to the shed was no problem and being smaller than the main house, it’s much easier to heat in winter. Setting up the backyard home office also freed up valuable space in my home for family activities.

It feels great to leave my house, stroll to my home office and begin my workday. In the summertime, I can through open the shed doors and windows and sit on the compact wooden deck out front with a few friends and a few beers.

I think wooden sheds in NZ play a vital role in improving the kiwi lifestyle. They get us outside (even if it’s only to the backyard!); they provide a ‘third’ space that is neither home nor work, but a special place for hobbies, projects or just relaxation.

Of course, garden sheds and portable buildings provide practical benefits like outdoor storage and shelter—but more than that, they offer independence. Whether you are a small business owner, an artist, a ‘lifestyler’ or just someone who needs a new space—sheds give you a dedicated ‘room’ where you can focus on one task without distraction.

Since I built this backyard office, I’ve found my attitude to work has improved. I am more organised and productive ‘at’ work, but also more able to leave work behind at the end of the day. This project and the subsequent changes to my daily life have undoubtedly made me a better person—all thanks to a wooden garden shed.

If you have any questions about wooden garden sheds or if you have a custom shed project you’d like to discuss with – please get in touch or call The Wooden Shed Company at 027 441 4010.


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