How an Office Shed Can Boost Your Creativity

Easing into the new normal, more people are working from home than ever before. For a while, home office furniture was as popular as Zoom meetings.

And while many adored the flexibility of working in a home office, many also found it challenging. The constant distraction from home life, defining boundaries between professional and personal hours, as well as the clutter that comes with bringing your “office” into your supposedly private haven, are some of the issues remote workers have to contend with.

A key solution seems to be an answer to this modern work setup of today: Build an office shed. You can set up in the backyard to work better and free yourself from the challenges of working in your home.

Here’s how an office shed can boost your creativity & productivity to help you achieve the perfect work-life balance.

5 Ways an Office Shed Improves Creativity

1. Personalised to boost your mood

Unlike a makeshift working space like the kitchen table, a small backyard office offers more space to make it truly yours. You can personalise it however you want with your favourite colour schemes, decorations, and more. A touch of personalisation will boost your mood and creativity.

Though you can add a few personal touches to your makeshift office in the home, it will never truly be your workspace. With your own space, you can design it however you like.

2. Professional look and feel to inspire productivity

More space = more furniture. Having more space in your detached office shed allows you to bring in office furniture and equipment that you need for work. You can mimic the look and feel of your company office or another office space that inspires you. You can even invite colleagues and clients over for meetings. This kind of shed design puts you back in the workspace to inspire productivity.

3. More space for increased energy

Storage for your tools, a bigger space for your workshop, more room to get things done - all these are possible when you have a portable office shed compared to just a room in the house. You will not have to worry about finding house items wedged between your work tools and vice versa. As mentioned earlier, your own shed space will also allow you to bring in your team for collaboration. All these contribute to increased energy and productivity for you.

4. Healthy work-life boundaries

One of the common concerns of remote workers is that they cannot hit the “off” button at home so they tend to work longer hours compared to when they are in the office. Having your work area just inside the house causes a psychological illusion that makes you continue working without time boundaries. This is easily solved with a separate workspace. It provides that distinction between family time and work time. This creates a healthier work-life balance for you and the people around the house.

5. Easy outdoor access to refresh your mind

A garden office shed, or a backyard office shed is a great way to easily bring the outdoors in. You have quick access to nature when you feel you need a breather. Being close to nature is helpful to workers as it increases oxygen supply and refreshes your mind. You might notice that your best ideas come to you while you’re at rest and simply enjoying the outdoors. It aids in creativity.


Your very own office shed can be your oasis when you need to focus on work, reflect on your goals, and make plans for tomorrow. It is both a functional and inspirational investment to help you deliver your best work.

The Wooden Shed Company offers a variety of backyard or garden shed designs to build your home office shed. We can also customise based on your unique space requirements.

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