New Year, New Shed: Resolutions for organising your garden and maximising your shed space


As the crisp NZ air bites and the last echoes of festive cheer fade, a familiar feeling stirs within us – the annual itch for renewal. Resolutions are scrawled, promises whispered (and sometimes swiftly abandoned), but amidst the flurry of self-improvement, one area often goes neglected: our beloved wooden sheds.

These humble garden havens can quickly morph into chaotic caverns, their potential for organisation and productivity sadly unrealised. But fear not, fellow shed-owners! This year, let's resolve to banish the clutter and unlock the true potential of our NZ wooden sheds.


Getting the Most Out of Your Sheds this New Year


Resolution #1: Declutter with Determination

The first step to shed serenity is a ruthless decluttering mission. Approach your wooden sanctuary with a bin on one shoulder and a ruthless glint in your eye. Be honest – how many half-finished projects, forgotten paint cans, and forlorn lawnmower blades lurk in the shadows? Embrace the Marie Kondo method and ask yourself: "Does this spark joy?" If not, thank it for its service and bid it a fond farewell.

Remember, an organised shed is not just about aesthetics; it's about efficiency. Tools should be readily accessible, not buried under mountains of miscellaneous mayhem. So, sort, stack, and shelve! Invest in sturdy shelves, pegboards, and tool racks to create a system that works for you. Label everything clearly, transforming your once-opaque shed into a haven of organised delight.


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Resolution #2: Embrace the Vertical Advantage

Floor space is precious in any NZ garden shed, so think upwards! Utilise the walls to maximise your storage potential. Hanging shelves, tool caddies, and even magnetic strips can keep small items off the ground and readily accessible. Consider installing overhead storage racks for bulky items like seasonal equipment or rarely used furniture. Remember, every inch counts!


Resolution #3: Let There Be Light

A dimly lit shed is not only frustrating but also potentially dangerous. Resolve to banish the gloom and let the sunshine (or at least, a decent light bulb) in! Consider installing windows or skylights to take advantage of natural light. For evening ventures, invest in bright, energy-efficient LED lighting that will illuminate your workspace without draining your wallet.

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Resolution #4: Upcycle and Repurpose

Before you rush out to buy new storage solutions, take a look around your home (and perhaps your neighbours' garages). Old pallets can be transformed into sturdy shelves, crates become rustic storage bins, and mismatched drawers can be stacked and painted to create a charming DIY dresser. Embrace your inner MacGyver and see what hidden potential lurks in everyday objects.


Resolution #5: Cultivate Creativity

Your NZ wooden shed can be more than just a storage space; it can be a haven for creativity and productivity. Dedicate a corner to your favourite hobby, whether it's painting, pottery, or tinkering with electronics. Invest in a comfortable workbench, add inspiring décor, and let your imagination run wild. Your organised shed can become your sanctuary, a space to escape the daily grind and nurture your passions.


Resolution #6: Maintain and Protect

Just like any other beloved possession, your wooden shed deserves some TLC. Regularly sweep the floor, dust the shelves, and check for leaks or damage. Give the exterior a fresh coat of paint every few years to protect it from the harsh NZ weather. A well-maintained shed will look its best and last for generations to come.


Bonus Resolution: Embrace the Community

Sheds should be places of connection, not isolation. Share your shed wisdom with your neighbours, host DIY workshops, or even start a local shed club. By sharing tips and tricks, you'll not only help others declutter and organise their spaces but also foster a sense of community around this shared passion.


About The Wooden Shed Company

At The Wooden Shed Company, we're passionate about creating high-quality, NZ-made wooden sheds that inspire and empower. We believe that a well-organised shed is more than just a storage space; it's an extension of your home, a reflection of your passions, and a haven for creativity.
So, this New Year, let's resolve to unlock the true potential of our NZ wooden sheds. With a little decluttering, clever storage solutions, and a dash of creativity, we can transform our backyard havens into organised, efficient, and inspiring spaces.

Ready to make your shed resolution a reality? Contact The Wooden Shed Company today and let us help you design the perfect storage solution for your needs.


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