5 Creative Ways To Improve Your Gable Sheds


Gable sheds are one of the most popular shed types. They’re easy to set up, more economical, and multi-functional.

They can be used as a garden shed, storage shed, garage, or even an extension of your home. Gable sheds also allow plenty of natural light & ventilation, making them a great option for a guest room or office space.

Because it’s so simple, DIY-ers like to spruce it up a bit by customising its features, interiors, and exteriors. Here are some creative ways to improve your gable sheds.

Choose your favourite shade of paint

Any enclosed space can significantly benefit from a fresh coat of paint. Choose a light, neutral colour to brighten up the interior and make it look more spacious. Use the same shade for the exterior to make your shed work as one. You may also want to consider how the colours will complement your home and garden.

Add windows

Our custom-built gable sheds do not have windows, so you might want to consider adding some. This will allow natural light to flow into your shed, making it look brighter and bigger. You can even add floor-to-ceiling windows for even more natural light. And when they’re open, the windows will improve ventilation when you wish to relax or work more comfortably.

Painted plywood flooring

Paint the floors to add some personality to your shed interiors. It can even make your floors easier to clean. Match the colours of the floors to your walls to create a more harmonious style. And if you plan to customise your floors, there are other options like vinyl and floating floorboards.

Organise the interiors

The Wooden Shed Company offers a change of shed layout with zero charges. This way, you can freely visualise how you want your interiors organised. You can add divisions, tweak the floor plan, install shelving, etc. Depending on the unique function of your shed - may it be for storage, home office, or workshop, you have the choice to improve the interior layout.

Functional furniture

Since your gable shed is smaller than your house, you need to be more discerning in adding any piece of furniture. That being said, furniture and decor can highly improve your shed. Choose the functional ones like the right size of a table, chairs, lamps, or bed if it’s meant to be a guest room.


Gable sheds are a DIY-er’s dream shed. It is like a blank canvas that inspires one’s creativity to transform a simple shed into one that is truly personal, functional, and lasting.

To learn more about the different types of sheds you can build at home, check out our variety of wooden sheds here. You may also request to have a custom shed built for your needs.

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