Shed Makeover for Mum: Gift ideas and DIY projects for creating a special space this month of May



Since we celebrate our dear mothers this month of May (and the whole year!), why not give Mum something truly special and long lasting? 

Skip the store-bought gifts and create a haven of peace and relaxation right in your own backyard with a Mother's Day shed makeover! 

Whether you have a garden shed, a backyard shed, or are considering a custom shed built just for Mum, The Wooden Shed Company can help you transform that space into a sanctuary she'll cherish.

Finding Mum's Perfect Shed Escape

First things first: consider your Mum's hobbies and interests. Does she love spending time surrounded by her favourite flowers? 

Perhaps a greenhouse shed or a potting shed extension would be ideal. Is she a creative soul who enjoys painting, writing, or crafting? 

A dedicated art studio shed could be her dream come true. 

Maybe she simply longs for a quiet corner to unwind with a good book. A cosy reading nook or yoga studio shed could provide the perfect escape.


DIY Projects to Personalise Mum's Shed

Once you have a vision for Mum's shed retreat, it's time to personalise the space. Here are some fun and easy DIY projects to create a warm and inviting atmosphere:

  • Lighten Up: Natural light is key to creating a cheerful and airy space. Install additional windows in your wooden shed or consider skylights to bring the outdoors in. For evenings and cosy nights, string fairy lights or add some strategically placed lamps.

  • Paint it Pretty: A fresh coat of paint can work wonders! Choose colours that reflect Mum's personality and create a calming ambience. Soft greens, light blues, and lavenders are popular choices for relaxation areas, while brighter yellows and oranges can add a touch of cheer to a crafting space.

  • Flooring for Comfort: Bare concrete can feel cold and unwelcoming. Consider adding a layer of comfort with plush rugs, vinyl flooring, or even painted wood floors.

  • Storage Solutions: Help Mum stay organised with stylish storage solutions. Shelving units, pegboards, and hanging baskets are all great options for keeping tools, craft supplies, or gardening equipment neatly tucked away.

  • A Touch of Home: Make Mum's shed feel like an extension of her personal haven. Add comfortable furniture like a reading chair or a small sofa. Decorate with pictures, inspirational quotes, or her favourite plants.

Gifts that Enhance Mum's Shed

Complement your DIY efforts with some thoughtful gifts that Mum can use and enjoy in her new shed retreat:

  • A Comfy Hammock: Perfect for relaxing with a good book or taking a nap in the fresh air.

  • A Portable Heater or Fan: Ensure year-round comfort, no matter the season.

  • A Subscription Box: Tailor it to Mum's interests – gardening supplies, crafting kits, or even a relaxing self-care box.

  • A Whiteboard or Chalkboard: Great for keeping track of projects, to-do lists, or inspirational messages.

The Wooden Shed Company: Building Mum's Dream Shed

At The Wooden Shed Company, we specialise in crafting high-quality wooden sheds in New Zealand

Whether you're looking for a standard garden shed or a custom-designed backyard retreat, we can help you create the perfect space for Mum. 

Our sheds are built to last, using premium materials and expert craftsmanship.


Ready to get started? 

Send us an enquiry or request a FREE quote today! 

We'd be happy to discuss your vision for Mum's perfect shed retreat.

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